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    Fantastic Car Smellies

    Bought the car air freshener stocking fillers from Boho Beth's. Fantastic smells, look amazing and they arrived quickly

Beth John Founder of Boho Beth


Boho Beth's full of retro, vintage and boho-styled home goods and gifts.
Founded by me Beth, the site holds my vision for all things quirky and cool. My love of all things retro began when I was just a child, scouring thrift stores and antique shops for hidden treasures. This early exposure to the world of vintage led to a lifelong passion, and eventually inspired me to start my own business.
Teaming with my fave brands such as Volkswagen with their range of retro camper gifts; from money boxes to lunch boxes; to creating my own unique giftware designs are just the start of some of the exciting things to come

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